How to avoid impaired driving in any situation

Driving can sometimes be daunting enough on its own — adding alcohol to the equation is a recipe for disaster. While it’s okay to enjoy an alcoholic beverage responsibly, many people forget the responsibilities that are associated with consuming alcohol.

Here are some simple steps you can take to avoid driving while you’re impaired by alcohol:

  •   Make sure you have a plan to get home safely
  •   Ask your doctor or pharmacist about side effects related to driving when using prescription medication
  •   Remember, fatigue and stress can also affect your ability to drive safely
  •   Read the information on the package of any prescription drugs or over-the-counter medicine, including allergy and cold remedies

Impaired driving means operating a vehicle (including cars, trucks, off-road vehicles, boats and snowmobiles) while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It is considered a crime under the Criminal Code of Canada and there are serious consequences. 

If you are caught for impaired driving you could:

  •   Lose your license
  •   Have your vehicle impounded
  •   Have to pay an administrative monetary penalty
  •   Have to attend an education or treatment program
  •   Be fined upon conviction
  •   Be required to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle
  •   Spend time in jail

Ontario is a leader in combating impaired driving through some of the toughest programs and laws in all of North America. When consuming alcohol:

  •   Be responsible.
  •   Don’t be afraid to take someone’s car keys. If the person gets angry -it’s probably proof you’re doing the right thing.
  •   Choose a designated driver. Decide who’s going to be doing the driving before you go out, and make sure that person doesn’t drink any alcoholic beverages during your outing.
  •   Call a taxi. Sometimes even the designated driver slips. If nobody in your group is sober, take alternate transportation. 

The hazards of drunk driving are all over the media, but it has not prevented all drivers from driving while intoxicated. If you or a loved one has been the victim of drunk driving, our lawyers can apply their experience to helping you obtain the compensation to which you are entitled. 

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