ATV & Off-Road Vehicle Accidents

The use of off-road vehicles is on the rise, but so are the number of injuries related to them. These injuries can be very serious when you factor in weather, speed and other conditions. If you were hurt, we’re here to help.

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    Who is responsible for injuries due to an ATV or off-road vehicle?

    Negligence on the part of the owner of the vehicle can result in injuries for passengers or others using the vehicles. This can include inadequate maintenance, defective parts and equipment, driver inexperience, intoxication and recklessness. If you have been involved in a snowmobile, ATV, or other OHV accident, you are entitled to compensation.

    What if the victim shares the blame?

    With these kinds of accidents, it’s difficult to find and prove exactly who was at fault for the injuries. Assuming risk by riding the vehicle or being negligent as well can affect your case, but not necessarily end it.