Dog Attacks

A dog attack can be any interaction with a dog that leads to injury, from bites and clawing, to being aggressively mauled, other injuries like sprains, dislocations or fractures, and even includes being knocked down by a jumping dog, and being hurt (like breaking a hip) as a result.  It does not matter if the dog is aggressive, or merely friendly but poorly trained.  It only takes a second for an interaction with a dog to change suddenly into an ‘attack’. A dog attack, and especially being bitten and mauled, can have long lasting physical and psychological effects and the injuries, particularly if your face or body is disfigured, are especially difficult to deal with.

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    You deserve an advocate when you are the victim of a dog attack.

    The law states that the owner or owners of (or those harbouring) the animal are strictly liable for any injuries that the animal causes. The lawyers at Harris Law have years of experience with animal attack cases and can help you achieve the best possible outcome for your situation.