Fire Loss

We purchase home insurance hoping we’d never have to use it, but we feel reassured to be covered when we need it. However, if you submit a claim after a devastating house fire and the insurance company won’t cover you for what you are entitled for, the lawyers at Harris Law can investigate and recover benefits from your property insurer. 

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    What to do after a fire

    In the event of a fire in your home that resulted in any damages, it is vital that you contact your insurance company as soon as you can so they can investigate and assess the damages quickly. Waiting may make your claim more difficult to process or dismissed altogether. The limitation period after a fire is short and proof of loss needs to be completed within a year of the incident. 

    How can my insurance company deny my claim?

    Your fire loss claim may be denied for many reasons, including misrepresentation on the original application, arson or failure to notify the insurance company of a change in the use of the property. If you believe you’ve been unfairly denied, it’s important you seek professional legal help immediately.

    The lawyers at Harris Law are here to help you and will work hard to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Contact us immediately for more information, or to meet with a lawyer to discuss your claim.