Physical Assault

There are many types of physical assault and other intentional wrongs when pursuing assault claims, but when it occurs, it comes down to another person intentionally applying direct or indirect force to another person without consent. It’s important to work with a lawyer experienced with the many types of physical assault when pursuing assault charges and here at Harris Law we have the team you need to support you and your case.

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    Seek legal advice immediately if you’ve been assaulted

    Proving liability against those with the ability to pay for damages in an assault case can be difficult, but if you act quickly and work with a legal team with a drive for justice you can get the compensation you deserve.

    If you have been assaulted, once you are safe, you should contact us immediately and we can help support you through the next steps you will need to take including, but not limited to: contacting the police, reporting your injuries, noting down the details of the assault and any witnesses, documenting your injuries and seeking medical care.