Car Accidents

Car accidents disrupt many lives, leaving victims with traumatic injuries and their families suffering with them. Anyone who has been involved in a car accident knows that the effects can be far reaching. Severe injuries can happen as a result of even a seemingly minor accident, and the losses you experience, both physically and financially, can last for years.

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    We advocate for car accident victims.

    The lawyers at Harris Law can help you if you have suffered injuries as a result of an automobile or motorcycle accident. Victims’ injuries can range from brain, head and spinal cord injuries to broken bones, internal injuries and even psychological injuries. Any of these injuries may require surgery or other medical treatments, rehabilitation and ongoing medical support to manage chronic pain.

    If you were not at fault or at fault – we can help.

    If you were not at fault, you may be able to get a settlement from the other party’s insurance company. And even if you were at fault, you may be able to receive accident benefits from your own insurance company. Our lawyers at Harris Law have the experience to get you the compensation you deserve; we’ll even conduct our own investigation to determine who is at fault.

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