Spinal Cord Injuries

In the field of personal injury law, few cases are more devastating than those that involve a spinal cord injury. These injuries can have short- or long-term effects in terms of mobility and quality of life. Immediately after a spinal cord injury, the most important thing to do is get medical attention to assess your injury.
The second most important thing to do is call Harris Law.

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    The transition to life after a spinal cord injury involves long-term rehabilitation and medical treatment, as well as physical therapy and psychological support. Victims of a spinal cord injury face many challenges, such as home and vehicle accessibility and returning to work. The lawyers at Harris Law work with spinal cord injury victims and their families to make these transitions easier and ensure you have all the support they need.

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    Our personal injury lawyers understand what you have to deal with after a spinal cord injury. We will work with your medical team to get you everything you need to recover as fully as possible. We also ensure you have access to benefits, get compensation from lawsuits and, perhaps most importantly, get long-term counselling and guidance.  Harris Law also works closely with (and sponsors) charitable organizations that have additional resources focused on spinal cord injuries, such as S.C.I.O. (Spinal Cord Injury Ontario).

    The dedicated team of lawyers at Harris law has the experience to get you the results you deserve after a spinal cord injury. Contact our office in Kitchener-Waterloo for more information and to discuss your claim with our lawyers.