CPP Claims

If a serious medical condition, illness or injury is preventing you from returning to work and your Canadian Pension Plan disability claim has been denied or delayed, we are skilled at recognizing when this claim arises, and our team will help ensure your rights are protected while pursuing the coverage that you’re entitled to.

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    What our CPP Disability Team Can Do for You

    If your application for Canada Pension Plan disability has been denied, you have the right to appeal. However, without the right representation of experienced lawyers, the correct paperwork, deadlines, supporting documents and critical details needed to appeal your claim may be overlooked. Here at Harris Law we will provide the guidance and application submission support you need to obtain the valuable financial support that is rightfully yours.

    Additionally, over time, it becomes apparent that clients we are assisting with other types of claims may be disabled long-term, and may now qualify for CPP Disability benefits.  Our team at Harris Law is skilled at recognizing when a disability moves from temporary to chronic, and will assist our clients, when appropriate, in applying for CPP Disability Benefits, including handling any subsequent denials and appeals that may arise.

    We help Ontarians get the support that is rightfully theirs.

    At Harris Law we are the trusted experts you can count on to navigate the law, insurance and benefits you are entitled to. We are prepared to take on complex and tough cases that require negotiation, unparalleled attention to detail and commitment to help you and your family enjoy a less stressful and brighter future.

    We can help you access your benefits and protect your financial stability.

    If you have suffered a disability due to an accident, or if your CPP has been denied, contact us immediately for more information, or to meet with a lawyer to discuss your claim.