Safety tips for your cottage getaways

Summer is here and so is the Canada Day long weekend. Canadians from coast to coast begin to flock towards cottage country for some much needed relaxation. While the mindset is to relax in Muskoka chairs and drift away from reality, we do need to be mindful of much-needed safety precautions.

Here are some tips for the cottage to keep you safe this summer – while still having fun!

  1. You need multiple CO alarms. Most people will have a smoke and CO alarm in their home and maybe even their cottage. But you need one everywhere there is a fuel-fired cooking or heating appliance.  .
  2. Consider upgrading the cottage. A lot of cottages were passed down from parents or grandparents and may be in dire need of an upgrade. It’s also important to make sure they are in compliance of the fire code.
  3. Have a fire safety plan. Many cottages can be difficult to get to and may only protected by volunteer fire services, which can be slower to respond. Have a well thought out plan in place should the emergency of a fire rise.
  4. Get your fuel-fired appliances checked. A CO alarm will go a long way toward preventing carbon-monoxide poisoning but people should be proactive and get their fuel-fired appliances checked by certified technicians.

It’s never a bad idea to take these proactive measures ahead of time to maximize relaxation this summer.

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