5 cold-winter woes that will leave you stranded

As we enjoy the last nibble of fall’s mellow temperatures, our gaze can’t help but look to the impending weather to come (especially after last year’s below freezing winter.) One of the biggest challenges facing Canadians is the struggle to get around town when there is a massive blanket of white covering the city.

Here are 5 of the worst winter woes that plague commuters everywhere, and how you can plan ahead for them.

Dead battery: Nothing ruins a day, evening or planned holiday trip quicker than a dead battery. Its lifespan is between four and five years on average. If your vehicle’s battery has made it through three winters, getting it tested is a smart idea.

Flooded engine: While newer engines with independent ignition coils on each spark plug aren’t as prone to cold weather failures, there are still a lot of vehicles on the road that experience this problem every winter.

Frozen doors/locks/windows: This time of the year is a perfect opportunity to treat all the door weather-seals, windows and locks before they freeze you out.

Flat tires: If your ride is older than five or six years of age, it can be riding on leaky wheel rims. Alloys and steel rims alike can develop slow leaks due to corrosion at the area where the tire’s rubber bead seals. Minor slow leaks in warmer weather can turn into much faster losses during cold weather. 

No-wipe wipers: It’s amazing the number of drivers who think that those two black moving arms at the bottom of their windshields are snowplows. Mangled or loose wiper arms or broken wiper drive linkages can quickly sideline any winter travel plans.

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