Injury Claims Against landlords

Any landlord who offers a building for rent is implicitly stating that the building is safe to inhabit. If this is not the case and you have been injured in a rental property – you may be entitled to compensation from the landlord.

Here is an overview on what you need to know about landlord liability.

Can a Landlord be held liable for the personal injury of tenants? 

If the injury is caused by the landlord’s negligence or neglect, then they are entirely liable for any damages or injuries that occurred. It is important to note however, that actual negligence will have to be proven.  

People get unexpectedly hurt through accidents on apartment properties, and as a result, they could be facing a mountain of medical bills, lost earnings, emotional distress, pain and other physical suffering.   

What kinds of injuries typically arise?

Injuries from a fall can range from brain injuries to broken bones, and these can interfere with your ability to work.

  • Injuries may arise from dog bites (dogs owned by other tenants),
  • Slip and falls due to ice or snow,
  • Trips or falls caused by crumbling concrete,
  • Steps or walkways,
  • Even injuries inside rental units due to neglect and lack of repair.   

What you need to know as a tenant

It is important to know that landlords are legally responsible for any injuries that result from dangerous or unmaintained conditions. 

Understand these four key areas of landlord negligence:

  • Not fixing a dangerous condition in a timely manner,
  • Fixing a dangerous condition, but doing so in a careless manner,
  • Not bringing a dangerous condition to the attention of the tenant,
  • Violating safety laws. 

3 safety steps to take as a tenant:  

  1. Immediately report safety or security problems such as plumbing, heating, broken doors or steps to a landlord.
  2. Keep a written log and take pictures of all issues and repair requests with details as to how and when problems were fixed.
  3. Make sure the urgent repairs were done as soon as possible – and any safety issues within 24 hours.

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