Helping you achieve the best possible outcome.

“I was at another law firm but they were not doing their job. I came to Harris Law and for the first time I felt like I had someone on my side. My case is really complicated and still they took it on and fought for me. I highly recommend this firm!”
Michelle S.
“Gordon is a good lawyer who cares about his clients and is not in it for the money – he’s in it to help people. His staff are warm and friendly and go the extra mile to help clients in their cases. I highly recommend this firm!”
“I was unsure what my end settlement would be. I had never had any dealings with litigation law. I entered the firm originally with a small amount in mind, but as my injuries didn’t heal 100% and time went on to show what my new life post accident looked like my number grew. Alicia is very competent and insightful when figuring out what someone not only needs today but 30 years down the road. The way she broke down settlement amounts and future needs amounts made decisions easier. Her confidence in her job and her support of me helped me to feel more at ease. In the end I was very happy with my settlement.”
Katrina A.
“I did make some of Gord’s days pretty stressful – but it all paid off in the end! I can’t thank Gord enough for helping me out and fighting for me in a time of need – for 7 long years! My life has changed because of him. I went back to school and became a Registered Practical Nurse after graduating with honours. My life has completely changed with the help of Gord and his team! I am very grateful for the hard work they put forward into my case! I can’t thank them enough for making a positive difference in my life and others!”
Chelsea K.
“Gord and his team were a beacon of hope during the most difficult period of my life. After suffering a life-altering-injury, I was overwhelmed and confused as I reckoned with my limitations and my new reality. Gord acted as my ‘life raft’ during these turbulent times. He provided me with the advice and counsel that I so desperately needed. I simply don’t know how I would have made it through without Gord and his team by my side. They stuck by me when I needed it most. Gord is an amazing lawyer and I consider him a friend and a trusted advisor. He consistently went above and beyond to ensure that I understood every element of the claims process. I am proud to have been represented by Gord and his team.”
“I would definitely recommend the Harris Law Team! I was given tremendous confidence throughout the process, and felt extremely well prepared for discovery. Additionally, Gord’s handling of the settlement process was nothing short of masterful. When negotiations reached a point where I was positive that the defendants’ already impressive offer could not possibly go any higher, it did — and I mean substantially!  Gord’s experience and skill made me completely reimagine what could be accomplished against a tough, dug-in opponent. Needless to say, I was VERY satisfied with my settlement!”
Stacey T