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How to Stay Safe in Construction Zones

Accidents become more common when the regular flow of traffic is interrupted, and nothing interrupts traffic like a construction zone. Lanes shrink or disappear completely, and debris can often intrude into your driving space or impact pedestrian safety. Especially for commuters with nowhere else to go, construction can become a daily hazard – according to the Ministry of Transportation, Ontario saw 1694 collisions in construction zones in 2013.

The Roadmap to Safe Highway Driving

Summer driving can be one of the simple pleasures in life. There’s something relaxing about cruising down a country highway with the windows down and the music up. But as with cottage weekends and summer barbeques, the season for peaceful highway trips is once more coming to an end. Fall weather and back-to-school rushes are upon us again, and it falls to us to take extra care when driving on highways in the coming weeks.

How do Roundabouts Work? A Quick Guide to Kitchener’s New Intersections

We all know that four-way-stops are a daily source of aggravation. People do rolling stops, right of way is often ambiguous, and it’s just one more obstacle that slows you down. It’s why Waterloo Region has seen a commitment to roundabouts – these intersections are designed to keep traffic flowing, while making for a safer driving experience.


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