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Accident victim says, “When I came to Gord – he made us feel at home.”

Margo was on vacation when she suffered a horrible fall from a slippery bathroom tub in a motel room. She suffered a serious wrist injury that required extensive therapy. Margo felt that she didn’t have enough for a case and felt like she had to handle her recovery alone. We walked her through the entire process – top to bottom, to make sure we covered every detail and that she only needed to focus on her healthy recovery.

“And when we did get back what we got – I guarantee you, we were very, very happy with it because we were not expecting that,” says Margo.

Raising awareness about brain injuries is key to prevention

June is Brain Injury Awareness month in Canada. One pressing topic surrounding the amount of concussions resulting from playing high impact sports. This has finally become more mainstream as players are noticing lingering effects after their playing days. There is still a multi-million dollar class-action lawsuit brought by former NHL players over concussion-related injuries.