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2016 New rules of the road you need to know

It may not be the start of 2016 anymore but the new laws on the road in Ontario are still in effect.

As of Jan. 1, all private insurance companies were required to offer discounts to drivers who are buying and installing winter tires. It is important that the tires have either a peak mountain or snowflake logo on them, are installed on all four wheels and are the same tread pattern and size.

Overlooked car safety tips for your growing family

Whether you are driving by yourself or with a van packed full of kids, getting to your destination safety is the utmost priority. Now what if we told you that you were overlooking some safety precautions that would increase your family’s safety? 

Here are vital tips for the vehicle that will help your growing family stay safe on the road.


When to move your child to the next seating level

How to be a safe driver – and pedestrian this winter

With the sun setting earlier in the day and the unpredictability of the weather, it can be difficult for drivers to see people walking near or on the sides of the road. The onus should be on both parties to effectively do their parts to ensure the utmost safety.

Here are three things for both drivers and pedestrians to do in order to help prevent an accident before it happens.