What you need to know about reporting a collision in Kitchener-Waterloo

Car accidents are stressful no matter what, but being prepared and knowing what to do in case you’re ever in one can ease the stress and anxiety of the situation. One question that may come to mind following an accident is when, where and how to report the collision in Waterloo Region. 

What is the Police Reporting Centre? The Centre is a Police facility located adjacent to Police Headquarters on Maple Grove Road in Cambridge where the public can report certain motor vehicle collisions in a safe climate controlled environment.

When should I report a collision at the Centre?
A collision may be reported at the Centre providing it DOES NOT involve:

·        Personal injury or death;

·        Any criminal activity, such as an impaired driver, stolen vehicles, assaults, etc.;

·        A government vehicle of any kind, including taxi cabs;

·        A vehicle transporting dangerous goods;

·        A person who's drivers licence is suspended or mis not insured;

·        Damage to private, municipal or highway property;

·        A pedestrian or cyclist;

·        An uncooperative driver;

·        One or more of the drivers resides outside the Regional Municipality of Waterloo.

If any of the above circumstances exist, an officer should attend the scene. Call 911 for emergencies or 519-653-7700 for non-emergency situations.

“The Highway Traffic Act of Ontario requires that all collisions involving injury or death, or where the damage apparently exceeds $1,000.00 (combined) or where there is damage to highway property must be reported to the police forthwith.”

Any person who has been involved in a collision who fails to attend at the Centre when directed by a police officer or when otherwise required by law is guilty of an offence.

Can Fail to Remain (Hit & Run) collisions be reported at the Centre?

Yes, providing the collision meets the reporting criteria and the suspect is not known. A police officer will be dispatched to the scene if the suspect vehicle is still in the area of the collision.

How quickly do I need to report a collision?

As soon as possible, (within 24 hours) attend the Centre with your vehicle during operating hours. If your vehicle is being towed, it must be taken directly to the Centre, without receiving any repairs or alterations. Under no circumstance will vehicles be stored at the Centre.

What information do I need to bring?

Ensure you bring the information you gather about the other driver and any available witnesses, including name, address, home and business phone numbers, vehicle information and insurance information. Bring your driver’s licence, the vehicle permit and insurance slip with you to the Centre. If an officer attends the scene, obtain their name, badge number and incident number.

Source: Waterloo Regional Police Service

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