Toronto police launch holiday RIDE program

Toronto police will crack down on all types of impaired driving over the holiday season during the annual festive RIDE (Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere) campaign that started on November 19th.

They are reminding drivers to be responsible, plan ahead and make smart choices about their transportation. They urge everyone to never drive impaired, to discourage others from doing so, and to call 911 if necessary if they see a suspected drunk driver on the road.

 “The message is clear: do not drink or use drugs and drive,” Toronto police said in a statement.

Toronto police report that: 

  • 1,151 drivers in Toronto were charged with impaired driving-related offences this year as of Tuesday, Nov. 17.
  • Police issued 1,012 drivers with a 90-day license suspension.
  • Toronto police say five of the 55 fatal collisions on Toronto roads this year involved drivers who were impaired.
  • Another 444 drivers received a license suspension of three, seven or 30 days. 

The police service urges people to use public transit, assign designated drivers or take taxis as safe transportation options if they drinking.

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