Toronto Police are focusing on the “Big 4” to keep motorists safe

Toronto Police are taking part in a week-long “zero-tolerance” traffic enforcement blitz over March Break.

Road safety is a top priority for Toronto Police and Ontario Provincial Police, and drivers who fail to abide by the law will be the focus of an active police presence on all Toronto area roadways. 

Police say 41 pedestrians were killed on Toronto’s streets in 2018 – and more than half of the fatalities were people 55 years old or older.

The “Big 4” Behaviours that Police are Targeting

This community engagement campaign is set to target these four primary behaviours that are known to cause injuries to people who walk on our roads. 

  1. Speeding motorists, 
  2. Distracted drivers, 
  3. Impaired drivers, 
  4. Motorists driving aggressively.

The safety blitz begins March 11 and ends on March 17.

As part of the campaign, police said they will also be actively engaging with the community by relying on social media and their media partners to help share and deliver information about the campaign.

The fine for driving while holding a hand-held device or having a screen visible to the driver is now $490 and three demerit points. Remember, if you are driving, put the phone down, it is not just the law - it can also save your life or the life of someone else. 

These Big 4 behavioiurs continue to be a serious issue, but if we want Ontario’s roads to be among the safest in North America then it’s a step in the right direction.