Follow Grand River Transit’s guidelines to avoid injury while riding public transit

transit safety Kitchener-WaterlooGrand River Transit is committed to passenger comfort and safety but they need your participation.

For passenger security all buses include security cameras, emergency escape windows, manual door openers, fire extinguishers, and ceiling escape hatches. The terminals include security cameras, designated safe-waiting areas, emergency evacuation plans, and security staff on-site.

Here are some guidelines to follow while riding Grand River Transit:

Travel Safety Tips:

    Always be at your stop 5 minutes before the bus arrives.

    Let someone know where you are going.

    Carry only what is necessary.

    Keep your belongings in sight.

    Keep money, listening devices and cell phones out of sight in public places.

    If you feel unsafe for any reason sit near the front of the bus or tell the bus operator about your concerns.

    Always report any suspicious behaviour, unsafe conditions, or abandoned bags/packages or damaged bus shelters/stops to GRT staff either in person or by calling 519 585 7555.

Boarding and Exiting:

    Stand well back from the curb. Keep legs, arms and other personal belongings away from all moving vehicles.

    When boarding keep all personal belongings clear of the doors.

    Never run for a bus or hit it to get the driver's attention. Accidents may occur while in a rush.

    Exit the bus by the rear door whenever possible.

    If you drop anything while exiting, let the bus pull away before retrieving it.

On the Bus:

    Always listen to any instructions from the bus operator.

    Stand behind the yellow line and do not stand in the rear doorways.

    When the bus is crowded, please move to the back so the driver's visibility is not blocked.

    When standing, hold onto the poles, handrails on seats or overhead straps.

    Always attend to your children and secure strollers.

    Ice and Roller skates may be carried on the bus in a bag, but not worn.

If you’ve been injured on public transit, contact our lawyers to discuss the details of your injury and how we can help maximize your compensation.